Web3 Security Audits 

Keep your Blockckchain Assets Safe

Identify Smart Contract Vulnerabilities 

Let's make sure it's safe!

You have developed a blockchain application?

No matter if it’s a Web3 platform, NFT game, DeFi protocol we need to make sure you can offer high-quality security to your users and shareholders

A Trusted Brand

Have your Smart Contracts reviewed by a well-know brand in the Blockchain industry, bring trust to your users

Blockchain Code Audits &   Reviews

Make sure your code works as intended, confirm the correctness of your contracts

Smart Contract Vulnerabilities

We will run multiple tests,  identify vulnerabilities, and help you improve the security and integrity of your project 

Blockchain Security Assessment

A comprehensive audit through a streamlined process to bring you strong security guarantees


Audit Final Stamp by the No1 Web3 developer: Julien from EatTheBlocks

We help you bring trust to your project. 

We not only offer the highest standard audits, but also allow you to leverage our brand. 

EatTheBlocks was founded in 2017 by Julien Klepatch, first as a Youtube channel that later on expanded into a Blockchain Academy, a Web3 Bootcamp and other lines of business. 

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How to get started?

The process is very straightforward, tell us about your project, show us your smart contracts and we will get back to you asap