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Top 5 Smart Contract Auditing Companies

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

A smart contract auditing review is a security focused code examination by which its primary mission is to look for issues and vulnerabilities within a smart contracts codebase.

An example of a smart contract vulnerability would be a reentrancy attack. This is when the funds or assets within a smart contract are at risk of being drained due to code discrepancies.

There are many advanced techniques on how to audit a smart contract. Today I’ll go over 5 web3 auditing companies who have proved themselves to be the leaders in this space based on their track record and partners who have trusted them for auditing services.

As the industry continues to grow and adoption increases, the importance of smart contract auditing will only become more apparent. It is wise for project teams to partner with reputable auditing firms in order to protect their users and uphold the integrity of the blockchain. This ultimately contributes to a healthy and thriving ecosystem.

In no particular order, here is a top 5 list of smart contract auditing companies:

ConsenSys Diligence:

ConsenSys is one of the biggest names in the blockchain space. They’re the company behind Metamask, Infura, and Truffle.

The auditing side of their business is called ConsenSys Diligence, which is one of the most prominent auditing and security products on the blockchain market today. They offer code review methods that are meticulous and thorough to make sure every block of code is examined with care and precision. They promote using their Fuzzing and Scribbling products to help developers maintain secure smart contract development. ConsenSys Diligence has been trusted by leading Dapps such as: AAVE, UniSwap and Skyweaver.

Runtime Verification:

Runtime Verification is a blockchain security and auditing company that is dedicated to using dynamic software analysis while improving the safety and reliability of blockchain dapps. They offer great services and products that can improve the developer experience while spotting bugs early on in the developmental process. Runtime Verification has been trusted by dapps running on prominent blockchains such as: Ethereum and Cardano. They’re considered to be a major player in the auditing space and their future is looking bright as they continue to help developers secure their code.


Thanks to the Ethereum community, OpenZeppelin has become a gold standard when developing secure smart contracts. OpenZeppelin provides a ton of great products to build, automate and operate decentralized applications for Ethereum. They also protect leading organizations by performing security audits on their products and systems. They make sure to verify your code is working as intended and will write thorough reports to include feedback if there are any issues found during their auditing process. OpenZeppelin has provided developers with some of the most useful tools for hacking prevention and has earned the title of a top tier auditing provider.


Hacken is a web3 cybersecurity auditor that has been in this space for over 5 years. They offer many hacking prevention services and a rigorous testing process to make sure that your code is as sound as possible. They claim to specialize in Exchanges, NFTs, GameFi and more to their clients. They are diverse and have performed audits for many different blockchain networks such as Solana, Cardano, Polkadot and Cosmos. Their track history is also very impressive, working with some of the biggest names in blockchain. Hacken has proved that they are a solid auditing choice for your next smart contract project.


Certik was founded in 2018 with the goal in mind to offer world class blockchain auditing services. They have major investors like Coinbase, Binance and Goldman Sachs who believe in their technology and methods of smart contract security. Certik offers a wide variety of auditing services across many blockchain ecosystems, making them diverse and useful for many types of web3 developers.

Unblock Labs

Allow me to introduce you to Unblock Labs! Unblock Labs is an all-in-one auditing service provided by the experts at Eat The Blocks. Julien himself will review the code and we’ll make sure that your smart contracts are thoroughly tested to prevent any hacks from happening to your dapp. You can trust that our blockchain auditing methods are best in class and we’ll help deliver a safe web3 experience to your users. We perform rigorous auditing techniques and leave no stone unturned during our review process. Just send us a link to your smart contract along with the mission statement so we can get a deep understanding of your project. Consider Unblock Labs to secure your next decentralized application! Find out more.

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